Mr. Bender

5th Grade

Treasure Hills Elementary, HCISD

This is the Schedule for Week 1.  For the first four days starting Tuesday Sept. 8th will be more abbreviated considering we are still waiting on devices for some students.  We will begin with Tuesday at Sept. 8th at 10:00 am with a zoom link that will be found in their SeeSaw account.  You will access zoom through your Clever Account.  Clever is a one stop Single Sign On program designed to be the gate keeper for all other applications and log in.  Eventually it will make all of our lives easier. I will help you get established on clever.  Please reach out to me when you need help.  I will have a lot availability in the mornings and evenings during the first week.  You will need your child's district issued email address.

Week 2 to 4 Schedule:  This one will have more detail soon.